Discover Local Victorian

Apple Orchards

Discover our Local Victorian Apple Orchards
in Arthurs Creek and Kinglake West

Our apple orchards are located in Melbourne's North East area, in Arthurs Creek and Kinglake West. We offer a variety of apple varieties such as Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Golden Delicious apples. Our orchards evolve each year, with more trees added annually.

We believe in using sustainable farming practices while producing the highest quality fruit possible. We produce unwaxed apples for those looking for a more natural option.

Our Victorian apple orchards have operated since the early 20th century, providing fresh and delicious apples to local markets, restaurants and households alike. Our farm is staffed with experienced growers who take pride in their work and keep a watchful eye over all of our trees.

We are dedicated to providing customers with apples of the highest quality that are grown in an environmentally conscious way. We want to ensure you can enjoy our fresh-picked fruit, knowing it has been harvested responsibly from our Victorian apple orchards. So visit us today and experience how good freshly picked apples can taste!

You'll be glad you did!

Granny Smith Apples

Recognisable around the world, Granny Smith apples are one of Australia's most prominent exports. This variety is instantly recognisable and widely popular and enjoyed by many!

Granny Smith is an ancient variety of apples that predates contemporary development and marketing tactics. With its peculiar past, it was discovered in Australia during the 1860s growing out of a trash heap! Its true parentage remains uncertain, but it may be French Crab.

Pink Lady Apples

Pink Lady® serves as the perfect example of how modern apple marketing and branding has evolved. It was among the initial apples offered under its specific brand rather than simply by its variety name. The variety of this premium product is regulated and distributed through licensed sellers to supermarkets, ensuring the highest quality level. With such tight control measures, customers can be assured that they always purchase top-notch products.

Have you ever encountered Cripps Pink in stores and thought it looked familiar? Well, that's because it is the same variety! Pink Lady®, a prevalent variety of apples, is a trademarked name for Cripps Pink. To maintain the exceptional quality of this famous brand, 65% of products not meeting its standards are sold as the lesser-known but still delicious Cripps Pink instead. The difference mainly lies in the vibrancy of colour and sweetness-sourness equilibrium. What may appear to be a marketing strategy is beneficial for consumers, as the quality of Pink Lady® apples is more consistent than other varieties such as Braeburn.

Golden Delicious Apples

Golden Delicious apples have been a staple in grocery stores for years, but they are now being re-discovered by apple aficionados who appreciate its newfound potential.

At the end of the 19th century, a farmer in West Virginia stumbled upon this variety. It is believed to be an offspring of Grimes Golden apple due to its strong resemblance. Impressed by its exceptional qualities, Stark Brothers Nursery bought both the original tree and some land surrounding it straight away. For centuries, the tree flourished, eventually becoming renowned as one of the most beloved apple varieties in existence until well into the 1950s.