Discover Local Victorian Orchards

Our Pear Orchards

Discover our Local Victorian Pear Orchards
in Arthurs Creek and Kinglake West

Our pear orchards are nestled in Melbourne's tranquil North East region, in Arthurs Creek and Kinglake West. Our orchards are ever-expanding, with more trees planted yearly to meet the growing demand. We proudly offer a range of pear varieties, including Packhams, Bartletts and Beurre Bosc pears.

We are passionate about utilizing environmentally-friendly farming practices to provide consumers with the freshest, most delicious fruit available. Our pears are unwaxed to meet our customer's needs for a more natural option.

Since the early 1900s, our Victorian pear orchards have supplied sumptuous and succulent pears to local markets, eateries, and homes. Our farm is manned by knowledgeable and passionate growers who cast a vigilant eye over each of our trees.

At our company, we are passionate about delivering only the best-quality pears that come from environmentally responsible farming, to guarantee that you savor every bite of our fruit, grown here in Victoria.

Visit us and discover the sensational flavour of freshly picked pears!

You won't regret it!

Packhams Triumph Pears

The Packhams Triumph Pears is a commercially crucial Australian pear variety with excellent flavour and reliable cropping in various regions worldwide. The Packhams Triumph Pear is a perfect choice for growers and home gardeners alike. Its unique shape, creamy white flesh and juicy sweetness make it a highly sought-after fruit that can be enjoyed fresh or used in cooking or baking.

The trees grow upright with a rounded crown and are often self-fertile, meaning they can produce fruit without another tree for pollination. They require well-drained soil with full sun exposure and need to be protected from strong winds. The trees are adaptable to different soils, but will do best in sandy or loam with high organic matter content.

Beurre Bosc Pears

A widely-grown Beurre Bosc French pear with firm, buttery flesh and golden russeted skin, this variety has been enjoyed for centuries. It is an excellent choice for eating out-of-hand and pairs particularly well with cheese or other rich foods. The Beurre Bosc also makes a delicious addition to salads, tarts, and chutneys. Its sweet flavour also helps to enhance the flavour of many baked goods such as cakes and pies.

The Beurre Bosc pear develops a flavour similar to caramel sauce or butterscotch when cooked. This makes it an ideal choice for poaching, baking, and roasting. The Beurre Bosc is also an excellent pick for preserving in jams and jellies, as its firm flesh holds up well in canning and freezing. With its long shelf life, the Beurre Bosc pear is an excellent choice for stocking up on fruit throughout the season. So don't miss out on adding this sweet, flavorful fruit to your pantry! Enjoy!

Bartlett Pears

The Bartlett pear, more commonly referred to as Williams or Williams Bon Chretien in Europe is one of the most extensively grown varieties and has a captivating past that explains its dual names.

In the 18th century, Aldermaston, England, was home to a discovery that sparked great potential in nurseryman Mr Williams of Turnham Green. He saw immense worth in this particular variety and named it after himself as an act of admiration for its splendour.

Compared to their European counterparts, Samples were quickly sent to America, where they flourished in the local climate and rapidly gained prominence as a profitable variety.

Over time, the original name of this variety was forgotten; thus, a Boston nurseryman involved in the propagation process chose to honour himself by naming it after his last name: Bartlett.

Bartlett / Williams is the most commonly cultivated variety worldwide and has served as a foundational source for many breeding programs. As such, countless subsequent types owe their popularity to this ancestor!